The 4th of July is a time for celebration,  but it can  be a stressful experience for our furry friends. Loud fireworks, crowded spots, and unusual noises the can cause anxiety and fear for them. As a responsible dog owner that you are, you might be wondering what can I do to support and protect my furry friend during this festive holiday. In this blog post, we bring you the 5 of the best ways to ensure your dog's safety and comfort during this festivity. 

Create A Safe Space For Them

Fireworks are beautiful but they are also extremely frightening for dogs, and for some humans too. It is crucial to provide them with a safe and comfortable space indoors. This will allow them to feel safe while all the fireworks are going outside. Make sure to set this up for them a few days prior so they get a custom to the space, and during the festivities ensure to include some treats in the space for them to enjoy during the fireworks.

Maintain a Calm Environment

Keep your home environment as calm as possible. While you may enjoy your family gathering ensure that all windows, doors, and curtains are close to minimize noise and flashes that might be a trigger for them. Something our woow fam has recommended is to include some sort of white noise that can be music playing over or simply having the TV on. This will allow to create a safe environment and a peaceful environment. 

Stay By Your Dog's Side 

Yes human your presence brings immediate calm and comfort to your pup during stressful times. Stay close and cuddle your dog or engage in some fun activities while you both watch the fireworks together in safe and calm environment. By having you by their site you make them feel safe.

Use Calming Aids

Consider using natural calming aids to support your dog's well-being during the 4th of July celebrations. You may choose from a variety of options from Calming supplements, to aromatherapy products that are designed to reduce anxiety and promote relaxation.

Ensure Your Dog Has Proper Identification

If you do take your dog to the fireworks show, or you know that you will be having lots people at home with the possibility of leaving the door open. Ensure that your dogis wearing a micro-chip type of collar and that is wearing an ID collar. Your pup might get scare and run away, which is always important to keep him on a leash. The micro-chip will help you find him if everything else fails and the ID collar is that in case that someone finds them they know who to call. 

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