Are you wondering if your furry four legged friend can eat some broccoli? Well as the responsible pet owner that you are you have come to right place. Dog's can indeed consume safely broccoli, but there are a few things that we need to know before giving them this delicious veggie to our dog's, so here at Dr Woow we will break down benefits, the risk and some tips into how to feed broccoli to your pup.

Dog eating broccoli

Overview of Can Dog's Eat Broccoli

While some vegetables and fruits might not be healthy for your pup like raw onions or grapes some others like Broccoli are extremally beneficial to your dog's diet. This vegetable is the one you should consider for when wanting to feed a light snack to your pup as part of their meal. But you remember to not make it the majority of their meal. Broccoli brings a large number of vitamins to the table like Vitamin K and C as well other antioxidants that will touch later in this blog. Dr Woow Skin and Coat Omega-3 is full of Vitamin E and Vitamin C to ensure that your pups Skin and Coat is silky smooth. Be aware that feeding too much broccoli can have side effects in your pup diet.

 dog smelling broccoli to eat it

Nutritional Benefits to Feeding Dog's Broccoli

This vegetable can be more than just a tasty treat, as it provides various nutrients & minerals to your pup. 

  • Broccoli provides potassium, magnesium and sodium that are key for a healthy metabolism. Both the potassium and magnesium in broccoli help regulate nerve and muscle function while the magnesium help regulate hormonal levels.
  • Like we have mentioned above it provides Vitamins K and Vitamin C that boost your dog's immune system and strengths your dog's bones and digestive system. (Impressive how much the broccoli can do for your pup!)
  • Antioxidants thanks to lutein that support eye, heart health and anti-inflammatory properties. Dr Woow Allergy and Immunity Soft Chews are rich in antioxidants thanks to its patented Antioxidant blend with betta berries, make sure to take give it a look!
  • If frozen it can help your pup's teeth to by breaking apart the eating broccoli with vitamins and minerals for their health

Potential Side Effects From Eating Broccoli 

While Broccoli is a nutrient-rich vegetable that we enjoy on our every day life's. Our pups may eat broccoli cook, frozen, or raw. But, regardless of the presentation for your furry friend broccoli and how it is yummy for them, there needs to be moderation, to avoid some of the following potential side effects.

  • Irritation in your dog's digestive system: like any other cruciferous vegetable out there, broccoli contains isothiocyanate that when eaten in excessive amounts may affect your dog's digestive system causing diarrhea or gas.
    • Avoid feeding your pup broccoli: pup's digestive system is not fully develop yet, and feeding them cruciferous vegetables might cause more harm than good is better to wait for them to develop their digestive system to the fullest before feeding them this type of vegetables
  • Your dog might be allergic to broccoli: like with any food your pup might be allergic to it and broccoli is no exception. Some common reactions are vomiting, itchy skin, hot spots, difficulty breathing, and diarrhea. If your pup experiences anything like this make sure to call the vet!
  • Too much is not good: Too much of something is never good, so make sure that your pups intake of broccoli if you are using it as a treat does not exceed more than 10% of their daily calories.

dog with glasses

 How To Feed Broccoli to Your Pup

Before changing up your four-legged friend make sure yo check with your vet. Ensuring that your dog is getting the correct portion of broccoli in comparison to what their daily caloric intake is its extremally important in order to maintain a healthy diet. Here are some steps to feed broccoli to your pup:

  1. Wash that broccoli! Ensure that no harmful bacteria are getting in your pawl tummy.
  2. Cut into small pieces to avoid chocking hazards.
  3. Cook it, freeze it, or leave it raw depending of your choice you can choose to either do any of the 3 mentioned above.
    1. Freezing will provide additional benefits to your pups teeth by getting rid plaque and tartar. But if your pup has a form of dental disease avoid frozen broccoli.
  4. Mix it up with their food and favorite Dr Woow Dog Supplement Tasty Chews!


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