As the first Monday in September dawns, we eagerly welcome Labor Day, a time that marks both the culmination of summer and the start of the back-to-school for many of our young ones. With its arrival, we're graced with joyous fireworks, a warm embrace of heat, and plenty of delectable food. Undoubtedly this elements make for an enjoyable and entraining occasion for us humans, but for our furry friends it may also bring some headaches. 

As we partake in the festivities is important to remember that our dogs may need some extra attention and care during this lively period. The loud noises, the fireworks and bunch of new humans and smells in our houses can bring our furry-friends anxiety and fear. This is without even mentioning heat & delicious treats laying around the house that can affect our pups health.


To ensure the safety and enjoyment of our furry pals, there are a few essential steps we can take:

Protect Your Pup From The Heat

It may be the end of summer time but the heat levels are still as strong as ever. Which is why is important to keep our pups hydrated, especially if you plan to have a day full of outdoor adventures and activities. Also make sure your pup is able to get plenty of shade and be able to rest. If the heat levels are very high consider purchasing some shoes for they paws as they might get burn due to the high temperatures in the floor. 

Guard the Grill From Your Pup

Not only do you want to keep your pup away from the food at grill that is toxic for your dog like onions and other seasoned food, but also want to ensure taht they are away from the tools involved in barbecuing. Make sure any matches or light liquids are out of paws reach. Since most matches and liquid fluids contain chlorates which can be damaging towards our dogs health if ingested or can caused irritation if touch by their skin is best to keep it out of reach. 

Food Scraps 

Keeping your pet away from the grill means you won half the battle when it comes to food and safety for your dog. But you also want to keep them away from family members that might feed them human food. Some of the food you shall be especially aware to keep them away are raisins, grapes, onions, chocolate, and sugar free products made with xylitol  as these are toxic and are usually present during this time of the year. 

Water Safety

Are you traveling to your neighborhood pool or a near by lake or beach with your pooch? Remember that life jackets are not just for humans and you can get one for your pup, especially if he is a new swimmer. Is important to be aware and keep supervision of your dogs behavior both inside and outside of the water some behaviors to be cautious of is exhaustion and leg cramps while swimming. 

Fireworks & Safety

Lastly, but certainly not least, fireworks. Pets and fireworks they just don't mix well. Loud noises and can make your dog frightening, scare and feel anxious. Make sure to keep them inside doors if possible in a dark room with their favorite toy to keep them calm. If this is not possible ensure to have leash and calming treats that can provide comfort to them. 



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