As pet parents we always want to feed to our dogs the best available foods out there. One of those every day foods we as humans eat are eggs, but can dogs eat eggs? Well they can, while they should not be getting any of your brunchtime benedict eggs plain eggs are good for your dog and provide many different benefits for your dog.

When it comes to eggshells they provide a great source of amino acids, vitamins, calcium, just to name a few. Eggshells can be given to your dog in small amounts and they will be of great help to their health. 

egg shells

Why feed your dog eggs and eggshells?

Eggs are as nutritious for your four-legged friend as they are for you. Cooked eggs provide about 75 calories,  6 grams of protein and just over 5 grams of fat. Not only do cook eggs provide various nutrients for your pup but they are very digestible for your furry friend.

Eggshells on the other hand are a natural source of calcium, which is incredible important for your dog's bone health and muscle function, specially if they are senior pup. They also contain other minerals like collagen that can be found in Dr Woow Hip and Joint Supplement. In a study of 2016 showed that egg shell membranes help reduced joint pain and improve joint function.  Another not very known benefit from egg shells its benefit to your dog's skin and coat. It's worth noting that eggshells need to be prepare in a safe manner to avoid any potential risks. 

can dogs eat egg shells and eggs

How to prepare eggs & eggshells for your dog

Before adding any new foods to your dog diet is important to contact your local vet to ensure that it fits their current diet. Now that you have the green light from your vet that your dog can eat eggs. Consider adding it slowly maybe once or twice a week so your pup does not have any gastrointestinal upsets. Make sure to cook the egg to avoid any harmful salmonella. Eggs need to be cooked to about 160 degrees Fahrenheit to be properly cooked, this should be done without any oil, butter, slat of additives. Ensure that you are giving your pup the whole egg including the yolk. The reason behind it is that egg white contain enzymes that prevent the absorption of biotin. This can be prevented by feeding the whole egg. 

When it comes to eggshells the main thing is to ensure that no salmonella is in the eggshell. To do so we recommend to wash the eggshell and boil it to ensure no bacteria or salmonella is left. Then we recommend to crush it or using a food processor to get the eggshell into a fine powder then add the powder in small amounts into your food gradually and increase over time.

can dogs eat egg shells and eggs

Potential Risk and Precautions to Take

Feeding eggs and eggshells have many benefits. However if not cooked correctly eggs and eggshells can contain harmful bacteria such as salmonella. Additionally, feeding your dog too much calcium can lead to health problems such as constipation or even kidney stones. Eating to many eggs can cause weight gain. It's also recommended to start with small amounts and gradually increase over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can dogs eat scrambled eggs?

A: Yes! According to many veterinarians, dogs can eat scrambled eggs as they are a great way to feed your pup eggs.  

Q: Can dogs eat eggs everyday?

A: While dogs can have eggs, moderation is important as eggs contains high numbers of fats. It's important to not feed your dog more than the recommended amount by your veterinarian. 

Q: Can dogs eat eggs and rice?

A: Absolutely! Dogs can eat eggs and rice. The rice will provide the necessary carbs and fiber and is easy on the stomach. 

Q: How much egg can I give to my dog?

A: Generally, dogs shouldn't eat more than one egg per day. It's important to speak with your vet before providing any new foods into your dogs diet. 


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