Winter is a beautiful season for several reasons, mainly the holiday season and how cuddly & cozy it is. However, sometimes when winter gets so cold, you might wonder if it's safe for you to go outside, let alone your dog.

While you might have a big and cozy coat, you might think that your pup's fur is enough to keep them safe from the cold weather. However, this is different regarding super cold weather. Here is how you can protect your dog and its paws during winter.

 dog in winter with coat

When it's too cold for your dog to walk outside?

Well, it depends, on your dog breed, as some breeds are better suited than others to withstand cold weather and others are more susceptible when the temperature drops. 


Breeds like a Husky, St. Bernard, Shiba Inu, or Chow Chow are dogs that usually don't need an extra layer of protection for the winter months due to their thick coats. But if your dog has a thinner to little coat, like a chihuahua, you might need to bundle up. 


When temperatures are below 45 degrees Fahrenheit, you should add extra layers if your pup is uncomfortable with the cold. Especially if you have a senior dog that suffers from joint or knee pain, we recommend using our Mobility chews with HCI and MSM., which promote agility and flexibility.  

Some of the sings that your pup is uncomfy with the cold are:

  • Shivering
  • Licking paws excessively 
  • Lifting paws constantly 
  • Tucked nails
  • Crouching

Hyperthermic Shock in your Dog

Cold can dramatically lower your dog's temperature and cause serious complications, including a hypothermic shock. Hypothermic Shock is when the circulatory system cannot circulate enough oxygen to the body due to the weather. Some signs that your pup is entering Hypothermic Shock are lethargy, a cold body to the touch, and loss of consciousness. If any of these occur, you must call and go to your vet immediately, as it can cause severe damage to the body and life-threatening consequences.

Dog in winter months with sweater

Tips for walking your dog

Keep your dog's walk short and sweet; this will limit the exposure to the cold weather and allow your pup to do some exercise but limited. If you are going to do longer walks and your puppy is on the thinner side of the coats, we recommend you buy them weather gear that is comfortable for them but also warm. We also advise getting some boots, regardless of fur, to protect your dog's paws from freezing temperatures. 


So what do you think? Is your dog ready for a walk outside in the cold months? Share your best way to maintain your dog warm during winter. Make sure to subscribe for more amazing tips and news from Dr Woow. 

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