Dr Woow Dog Supplement Best seller Bundle Pre, Pro, Post Biotic and Allergy & Immunity
Dr Woow Dog Supplement Best seller Bundle Pre, Pro, Post Biotic and Allergy & Immunity
What Makes Dr Woow Allergy & Immunity Dog Chews Revolutionary
Dr Woow Product explanation
Dr Woow product explanation
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The Bestsellers Bundle | Dr Woow


Pre, Pro & Post Biotics Digestive Chews 
Say Bye Bye to ugly poops with Dr Woow's Digestion Soft Chews, which are packed with prebiotics, probiotics, and postbiotics for complete biotic support.

Allergy & Immunity Immune Chews 
Kiss you dog’s allergies goodbye with Dr Woow's Allergy and Immunity Soft Chews for Dogs.

7x Efficacy than other brands

Patented High Quality Ingredients

We include patented ingredients like BioPerine, BioMos, YEA-SACC, and Bettaberries. We make sure your pet only gets the best of the best ingredients.

Harmony between Science and Nature

Made using cold extrusion process utilizing the finest natural ingredients that can be consumed by dogs of all ages and breeds.

Made sustainably within the USA

All our products are made in the USA in a high-tech facility that is 100% powered by solar energy and FDA approved.

The Solution To Your Dogs Allergies Relief, Hot Spots, Digestive Upsets, Soft Stools & More!

Allergy & Immunity Immune Chews

A perfect combination of ingredients to help soothe allergies & itchy skin!

  • Colostrum helps relieve allergies.
  • Prebiotics & 6-Strain Probiotic Blend promote nutrient absorption, giving an immunity boost.
  • BettaBerries ® Antioxidant Blend & Vitamin E helps boost the immune system to support histamine response.
  • Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil (Omega 3) helps support the immune system with a high source of Omega-3 fatty acids.

Pre, Pro & Post Biotics Digestive Chews

A perfect combination of ingredients to help support your dog's digestive health!

  • Digestive Enzymes helps with nutrient absorption.
  • BIO-MOS & YEA-SACCO (Prebiotic) great sources of prebiotics beneficial for gut bacteria.
  • 7-Strain Probiotic Blend contains seven strains of live bacteria that helps promote gut health.
  • Postbiotics helps support a healthy gut microbiome.

Our Bestsellers Bundle is an investment into your dog's health just like cryptocurrency ;)

We Accept Dogecoin, Shiba, Bitcoin, Ethereum & more.
Dr Woow’s soft chew supplements are carefully crafted by the industry’s top pet nutritionists. All of us at Dr Woow are hyper-obsessed with dogs and nutrition. We hope to make the world a better place by giving dogs a healthier and happier life with the help of Dr Woow’s supplements.


Made with natural ingredients, nothing artificial.

No added chicken, grain, corn, or soy.

Endorsed by vets and pet nutritionists.

Made in a kitchen that is powered by solar energy… sustainability matters!

Made with love in USA in an FDA registered and SQF certified facility.

What dog parents are woofing about

Healthy and tasty best-seller bundle, treat-like dog supplements that restore and maintain your dog’s health, focusing on immunity &  digestion.


Nutrionist approved!

As a pet nutritionist, I know how important prebiotics, probiotics, and postbiotics are for gut health. These are the only dog supplements that have all three. Well done, you’re at the front of the pack!

- Miranda T.


No more sniffles!

I have spent SO much time researching to find allergy supplements that meet my high standards for ingredients. I came across Dr. Woow's Allergy & Immune chews and all I can say is WOW. 100% recommend!

- Teresa C.

Dr Woow Story

We wanted to create healthy and tasty, treat-like dog supplements that restore and maintain your dog’s health, focusing on immunity, digestion, mobility and skin. Created by pet parents who are hyper-crazy about nutrition and are striving to provide dogs with healthier and happier lives with a touch of fun and tastiness.

 The No More List

  • No More Stomach Upsets
  • No More Allergies
  • No More Itchy Skin
  • No More Digestion Problems

Satisfaction Guarantee

We value each individual customer and strive to deliver personal, high-quality customer service. If you are not satisfied with your order, we will exchange your order for another product on our website, of similar value, free of charge.

Click here to learn about our policies.


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