• Our supplements are ‘au natural’



    That’s right! Dr. Woow supplements are made with natural ingredients in order to ensure we are putting together the healthiest mix for your best friend. 

    For example, the Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil in our Immunity Chews is essential in helping dogs fight inflammations, improve their cognitive function, and generally boost their immune system. Here are a couple of product facts for you.

  • We care about our planet 



    Just over 10 million metric tons of pet food were produced in North America alone (according to Statista). That’s a lot of pet food. 

    Our team is committed to improving dog health and quality of life while making sure we are taking care of our loving home. 

    That’s why we make all of our products in a kitchen powered by sustainable energy. 

  • All of our supplements are intended for all dogs. No dog left behind. 



    Did you know that dogs have been man’s best friend for more than 30,000 years!? 

    However, there have never been as many ways and tools to keep our dogs healthy and give them the life they deserve. 

    It is never too early, or too late, to start putting your dog on the right track towards health and happiness. 

    So whether your doggie’s just a pup or an old soul, they can start benefiting from the vitamins and nutrients embedded in our chews. Make sure to check with your vet, though, if you have any questions specific to your dog. 

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