Yes, there are many Skin & Coat supplements out there, but none quite like ours… 

Aside from being all-natural, USA made, and sustainable, like the rest of our wonderful chews, our Skin & Coat Omega Chews differentiate from our competition by aiding dogs with dull, dry, brittle, itchy, and shed prone coats. Our ingredients are carefully selected so that our chews can help your dog look and feel their best. 

They also contain vitamin E, probiotic blend to ensure a healthy Gut ingredients, wild alaskan salmon oil and omegas providing a premium elements in your dog’s diet. 

So let’s go through the list:

Wild Alaskan Salmon

Salmon Oil is one of the main sources of Omega 3 fats some of them are EPA and DHA may lower triglycerides, improved brain health and colesterol levels, and reduced inflammation. However, excessive inflammation can give rise to chronic diseases, such as diabetes. 

Omega 3 Fish Oil

Yes, more omegas, but from other fish. This ingredient is meant to bring extra support for dry, flaky in dogs. Omega 3 oils may reduce their itching by decreasing their body production or lrease of patent stimulators of inflammation, called cytokines.

Organic Kelp

Kelp is a rich natural source of salts and minerals like no other since it has iodine, magnesium potassium, iron and calcium.  Kelp is also known to help keep dogs entire glandular system, pituitary and the thyroid gland healthy. 


Algae is a natural food additive that provide a great source of protein, fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fiber. 


Biotin can help older pawls to maintain their energy levels, but its also an important part of processing fatty acids and carbs! It can also help your senior pup maintain the aging process.

Make sure to get your jar of Skin & Coat Omega Chews if your best friend’s coat  hasn’t been looking all shinny and sparkly!



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