Halloween has always been one of my favorite times of the year for two reasons. One everyone dresses up as what they are passionate about, love, makes them feel cute, but also the free candy we use to get from neighbors.

Halloween is a really fun time for adults and children, but is not as fun for dogs sometimes. Many of them get spooked, get panic attacks, mistakenly eat chocolate or go missing. In order to avoid these from happening here are some tips for you this upcoming Halloween season:

  • Understand your Dog and Stay Alert
  • Dogs like hoomans suffer of stress, knowing the signs that your dog is stress is one of the most important things this season that way you know when to take your pup away and pet him to lower his anxiety levels.

    Halloween is a crazy season full of kids running sudden noises that can cause your pet to stress stress even further stay allert and keep your eyes and ears open.

  • Update your pets ID tag
  • The spooky season is indeed spooky for dogs as it is the season when most dogs go missing! Its super duper important for you to have your dog tag updated, and in his collar at all times. 

  • Keep Candy Away
  • Make sure you keep all sorts of candy away from your pup, there will be a lot of candy. Like 600 million pounds of it according to the Huffington Post. Your pup is smart and sneaky so be extra cautious and keep as far away from them as you possibly can. We always have some Dr Woow treats at hand just in case they really want some, that way they get a little more calm while all the Halloween night.



  • Keep them coozy
  • Halloween this year seems to come at a time where the temperature will be very cold! If your doggo is prone to knee and joint pain make sure to start giving them mobility supplements. As cold and humid weather promotes joint pain its best to be prepared. If your pup is prone to skin or seasonal allergies make sure to wash them twice a month but dont over do it as we dont want those natural oils to go away. Make sure to give them enough omegas-3 so that their coat keeps looking silky smooth. 

  • Safe Costumes
  • Dressing up your pup is fun and all and while some of us dress them up daily, its important to make sure that the costume is safe for them do not contain any materials they will be allergic to and they are able to breath and move around with ease. 



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