Dog Yoga, Yoga Dog, mmm DOGA! DOGA is a “new” way to improve your mental health and your dogs too.

While doing yoga with animals is nothing new, we have all seen those trendy videos of goat yoga, we can all agree that they are indeed cute, but not as cute as our furry friends. Since the pandemic animal yoga and DOGA in specifically have grown in popularity and accessibility. To understand DOGA we must first understand what is YOGA, how it can benefit you, your pup, and your relationship with your pup, and lastly how you can do DOGA!

Yoga its an ancient practice originally from India, its main goal is to promote mental discipline using both your mind and body. However, Yoga is largely viewed as a form of exercise that can promote endurance, calmness, flexibility, and well-being. There are different branches of Yoga each focusing on different aspects of the discipline, just to name a few Hatha primes the body and mind, Raja involves meditation, and Karma aims to create a future free of negativity and selfishness.

Dog sitting in yoga mat


As we mentioned prior Yoga aims to connect mind and body, no matter who you are there are different types of Yoga allowing anyone to start their path towards a stronger mind and body connection. The main concept of Yoga is to allow you to explore your limits some of the main benefits you may encounter while doing Yoga are increased flexibility, increased muscle strength and tone, improved respiration, energy, maintaining a balanced metabolism, weight reduction, cardio and circulatory health, improved athletic performance, protection from injuries. When it comes to mental benefits, one of the main benefits is that it allows individuals to manage stress, become calmer, and increase mental clarity.

When it comes to your pup is not like he is gonna stand in one leg and act like a tree, and that magically will help him. However, if you have tried DOGA, or watched some of the trendy videos online you have seen how they attempt to do some of the moves you do, and match the energy of the room. Dogs are very present and they will understand what you as an owner, is trying to do. One of the main benefits of DOGA is that emphasizes the connection between you and your dog, helps develop impulse control, allows to establish a calmer mentality, provides weight resistance, can assist with injuries, and is an enjoyable time for you and your furry friend, where the pups can socialize with each other. This last one is especially helpful if you have a pup that is always super stressed just like our dog.

If you are interested in doing DOGA there are two things that you can’t forget your dog and your mat. Since DOGA classes sometimes are very hard to find, don’t let this be a deterrent. There are some great instructors online that will allow you to start getting a glimpse of what DOGA looks like. Once you get the grip of it, you can ask a local yoga instructor to conduct classes as an event with pups or in your local shelter. Here are some of our favorite DOGA poses:


Dog and owner practicing yoga together

So what do you think? Its Dog Yoga something you and your pup will enjoy? Let us know. Make sure to get your jar of Mobility Chews if your best friend’s knees and flexibility haven’t been what they used to be! 

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