Let’s talk about poop, more specifically your dog’s poop. To understand what our little friends we first need to understand that whatever comes out of them is most likely because what comes into them. Your dog’s poop provides an incredible amount of information about their overall health, which is why when you go to your vet’s check in every now and then they might ask to bring fecal sample to the visit. 

But let’s say that you are not going anytime soon for the vet. How can we as pet parents know if my dog’s poop is healthy? We have prepared a series of questions for you to ask yourself while looking  at your pooch’s poop.

Owner picking up dogs poop right after they poop


  • Poop Color

    Like with your own poop, sometimes your dog poops vary. The color of their poop is directly related to their diet, and depending of the food they eat and their ingredients it can change. If changes on their color are to drastic it can help your vet to know a health issue they might have. For example in the picture below we have 6 types of possible colors of poop, if your dog’s poop is yellow-orange it might be a liver issue, or if it is green it might be that they are eating way too much grass and so on. The one color we do not want to see at all is RED, as this may indicate that there is bleeding or blood present in your dog’s system. Which if it occurs we recommend you go to your local vet.

    • Poop Shape 

    Your dog stool should be shaped as a log, and it shall maintain its form. Their stool should be similar to a play-doh when you press it with to clean it up after him, if you see that the stool is to firm it may be a form of dehydration or they might not be absorbing well water when consumed. 


  • Poop Size

    While there is not a one size fits all for their poop, as sometimes they might larger or smaller. The size of your dog poop stool shall be consistent and proportional to what they are putting inside of their belly.


  • Poop Coating and Content

    Normal poop stools shall be without any coating, if there is any it may be an indication that your dog isn’t digesting their food properly. It’s okey if it happens one time but if it becomes a recurring thing, you shall bring it up to your vet. When it comes to the content of your dog poop’s make a habit of looking at it when you pick it up after they go bathroom make sure to look for anything outside the normal, like grass, hair, worm… 

    If you have concerns about their content or coating make sure to take a sample of their poop to your vet. 

    To wrap up as a pet owners is crucial we check our pups poop to ensure their health, if we know that our pups lack a beautiful poop make sure you check in with your vet and try out our Pre, Pro and Post biotic soft chew to give them a more healthy gut to prevent any future surprises. Stick with Dr Woow for more information on making your dogs life Woow everyday.

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