If you are like me and like to have everything planned to the last millisecond in a trip, well, uh, mmm, who are we kidding? I am not like that. But anyway, if you are like that, here at Dr Woow we found everything you need to know so you and your pup have the best trip ever.

As the holiday season approaches, many of us pet parents plan our family trips to see everyone at home. To make it as hassle-free as possible, we will break down how to prep you for your flight, booking a pet-friendly flight, and what you will need to make sure your pup is as comfortable as possible.

Dog in airport awaiting his flight Dr WOOW


How to prep for my flight?


Hold your pack, woow fam; before you book your flight, its essential to know if your dog may need any vaccinations or requirements. Usually, if the travel is domestic, the conditions are much easier, such as getting a vaccination certificate issued by an accredited veterinarian stating your pup is healthy, as well as having their rabies vaccination certificate with you at all times just in case. But when the travel is abroad, things get a bit more hectic, as each country has different requirements and the CDC lists all of the countries that are in rabies watch. Some of the requirements are proof of rabies vaccinations international health certificate by USDA certified veterinarian ten days before your travel. Some countries might have specific vaccinations they request before your arrival there. Make sure you have all of their vaccination certificates handy. 


Pet-Friendly Flights

After you have done all the necessary vaccinations and permits to have your four-legged friend be able to fly to new heights, you will need to book and flight. Now let's be honest, this is the most challenging part of the process. Due to each airline's different policies, we recommend you go to pet-friendly search engine sites such as BringFido or Avvinue, which will allow you to book and see all required vaccinations for your destination. At the same time, Bring Fido will get you a list of the best pet-friendly restaurants, hotels, and activities to enjoy with your pup! We also recommend you get the travel kit of Dr Woow that way, you will get all the necessary vitamins for healthy travel all in one go. 

Dog in airport bag awaiting flight Dr Woow


Packing 101

Once you booked your flight and have all the vaccinations ready, its time to go shopping. 


The first thing to shop if you don't have one already is to get an IATA-approved pet carrier that meets the requirements of the airline you will be traveling. Not all airlines have the exact requirements, so double-check so your pup can fit comfortably underneath your seat.


Other accessories we recommend are Digestive Chews by Dr Woow, a travel water bottle, and pee pads just to avoid any surprises in the airport.

So what do you think? Are you ready to travel with your pup? Make sure to check out some of our other soft chews supplement! Let us know.


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