Oh, Man-go sweet mango, see what we there? Mangos are one of the most delicious tropical fruits out there, to not say the most. To the point that this delightful tropical fruit can cost up to $50! In the United States, the average Mango varies between $0.85-$1. Now beyond pricing, let's get into the dirt. Can dogs eat mangoes safely? 


Here at Dr. Woow, we have the answer for you!



Is Mango Safe?


Let's keep it simple, can your pup eat Mango? Yes, but in moderation. Mangos are safe for your puppy to eat, like many other fruits and berries. They contain essential vitamins like Vitamin A, B6, C, and E, which makes this fruit an extremely nutritious treat for your pup. At the same time, Mango is a soft fruit; it's essential to cut it into small pieces to avoid a choking hazard. 


As we mentioned above, Mango has many benefits but let's dive into each one of them: 


Vitamin A


It helps keep your pup's vision healthy and strong. At the same time, Mango is fat-soluble; in other words, it dissolves more effortlessly in the fats of your pup's gorgeous body. It also improves the immune system and supports their overall growth of them.


Vitamin B6


B6 is considered one of the essential vitamins by vets and nutrition experts as it helps with the production of glucose and red blood cells and regulates hormones, the immune system, and the nervous system.


Vitamin C


Vitamin C provides a powerful antioxidant, supports the immune system, and can combat swelling in the body.

Vitamin E


Like Vitamin C, Vitamin E provides antioxidants to the body and helps support the eyes, muscles, and reproductive system.



When Mangos are No Bueno?


While mangos are considered a healthy treat, not all Mango is good for them. While the mango skin is edible, it may be hard for your pup to digest; at the same time, the pits of the Mango are a choking hazard, so you should be careful. Mangos contain a lot of fiber that most dogs are not used to and may upset your little friend's stomach, something neither you nor they want. Lastly, constantly eating sweet fruits may contribute to dental decay. 

 Mango cut skin in a plate

How to Serve the Mango?


Before putting the Mango on the table, consult with your local vet to see if he is allergic and how your pup should eat it and how much of it. 


Peel the Mango and remove the pit before giving it to your pup. Something we like to do here at Dr. Woow is to peel it into small pieces and freeze it as it becomes a small treat fun treat that your pup will enjoy. For smaller dogs, cut it into smaller pieces. 

 Mango served in table cut into small pieces for easy bites for your dog


So what do you think? Are you ready to feet Mango to your dog? Share your best mango recipe here. Make sure to check out some of our amazing chews Skin & Coat, Hip & Joint, Digestion and Allergy!

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