The leaves are falling down, the leaves are falling down, all over and all over town. Autumn is here hoomans, and as our little rhyme says the leaves are falling, the pumpkins are popping up, and everything is turning orange. It’s time to get cozy for the best season of the year!

While fall is a great time for us hoomans sometimes it also comes with some challenges for us pet paw-rents. So lets make sure we are being safe furr our furry friends.

1. Silky Smooth Always & Furever

Unless you are living in warm climate year-round, seasonal support for your four-legged friends is super duper beneficial. As the temperature falls, and you grab your big cozy coat, our pups rely on their coat only to keep them toasty, and protected from walks, or zoomies at the park. So here are some ways to keep your dogs coat up healthy for his protection:

  • Keep it clean: while it sounds rhetoric bathing your pup regularly is recommended, but keep it moderate you don't want to over do it and strip your dog’s natural skin oils. About once or twice a month should do it, it all depends on how much time he is outdoors. 
  • Brush brush and brush: if your dog is prone to shedding brushing it regularly its a most! Pro tip, do it outside that way your floors will remain cleaner. 
  • Functional Supplements: Looking silky smooth couldn't be easier. Fish Oils Contain Omega 3 Fatty Acids that help support skin moisture and coat health. Which is why our Skin and Coat Soft Chews are full of Omegas! Make sure to check them out here.

2. Temperature Your BFF but also your FOE

Fall is one of the most waited season by thousands of hoomans. The temperature goes down, the leaves are all orange and it has all this amazing colors to the eye. However, there is one little thing that affects our furry friends both good and bad. 

You might be wondering how can something be good and bad, well if your pup is young and loves running around and being outdoors. Autumn offers a great opportunity for them to be outside without worrying about getting a heat stroke because of the sun. But, if your pup suffers of knee problems, or is and old pup Fall is one of the worst seasons for them. When cold and humidity join forces it can induce significant pain in your pups knees as it affects the cellular structures of bone and cartilage. Which is why we came up with with our mobility chews, that include chondroitin, glucosamine, HSM and bioperine to help support your dogs mobility. Make sure to try out our mobility supplement, and leave the cold air begin to fall. You see what we did there? 

3. Too Many Hoomans near my Hooman!

Fall is a month of family, friends, and new beginnings. It’s the season when people get together, but for our little ones its a stressful time as they see many people going in and out of the household. During this time there is many new noises, smells, screams, and sometimes the occasional firework. So make sure that your prepared and be attentive of your surroundings and your pooch so that you can keep them calm and comfortable around your friends and family.

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