Aging is inevitable. Just like we get old, our dogs do too. However, just like with us, there are things you can do to age gracefully and healthy. Exercising, dieting properly, and giving them a little bit of love can go a long way in prolonging the health of their muscles and joints. 

1. Exercising

Think in terms of humans. A human who has been exercising their whole life or walks regularly will be able to continue doing these things as they age in comparison to someone who sits a lot, and doesn’t exercise because the muscles and joints are not accustomed to such activity and it becomes even harder as you get older. Well, the same applies to our dogs. 

Taking your dog for a walk daily or bi-daily, depending on their capacity and energy levels, is one way of keeping their bones and joints healthy. If your dog is mostly inside and doesn’t walk much, getting them to do that when they are older is going to be a struggle.

Another fun way to keep your dog active and in movement is simply by playing with other dogs at your local park or in your neighborhood. By doing this, your dog can not only have fun, but they are also exercising at their own pace and will.

Taking your dog for a swim is also great for their joints, muscles and bones. Swimming has significant benefits in both humans and dogs, so getting some laps in with your dog is a great way of keeping both of your joints healthy. 

We understand that a pool or body of water is not accesible for everybody, but if you can get near one, there are great benefits associated. 

One thing to be careful with when exercising is excessive jumping. My dog Phillip loves jumping up and down benches and chairs, and it has begun affecting his hips, so try avoiding the hops. 

Dog and human exercising
2. A Healthy Diet

Maintaining a healthy is another very important way of both preventing and maintaining your dog’s joint health as they age. 

Also, extra weight is never good, so keeping your furry friend at their optimal weight allows their joints to work properly without extra baggage. Especially as your dog ages and their movement isn’t as good as it used to be, keeping a good weight becomes very important. Talk to your vet to understand what is the ideal weight for your dog. 

One way to ensure that your pooch is getting all the necessary nutrients and vitamins to maintain healthy muscles and joints is by adding supplements to their diet. Dr. Woow’s Mobility chews contain ingredients like Glucosamine, Vitamin E, MSM, and Bioperine which work together to achieve optimal mobility. 

Dog eating Dr Woow at a table


Love is a powerful substance that can’t be quantified. As your dog get’s older, and can’t do the things they used to, petting them, hugging them, and simply talking to them can go a long way in how way they feel. Although this won’t directly improve the health of their joints, it will ease the consequences of aging. 

You can also invest in a dog massage, or do it yourself (of course you need to know what you are doing). However, a massage, just like in humans, can be a great way of providing muscle relief and increasing your dog’s flexibility. 


Woman and Dog Huggin

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