Like humans dogs can suffer from allergies. Finding natural solutions for your dog sometimes can be hard, as pet owners ourselves we thought about that and added colostrum to all of our allergies products so that every pet nation-wide can benefit from it.

One ingredient that is often overlooked in a dogs diet is colostrum, as natural and powerful substance can offer many benefits to our four-legged friends. Colostrum is produce by mammals during the first few weeks after giving birth, just until a few years ago it started to gain attention among pet parents due to its health benefits towards dogs. In here we will discuss the benefits of colostrum in dogs and how it can help improve their overall health. 

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What is colostrum? Where does Colostrum come from?

Colostrum is a yellowish fluid produced by all mammals only the first few days after giving birth. It is a rich source of essential nutrients, growth factors and antibodies that will help support the new born immune system and their overall health. At the same time colostrum also provides several important growth hormones. While older animals cannot absorb the antibody properties as young ones can, colostrum anti-inflammatory properties may still help their intestinal tract, skin and allergies. 

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How does colostrum benefit dogs with allergies?

Colostrum has been shown to have great impact in providing a boost of antibodies to dogs. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties colostrum can relieve allergy symptoms like itching, scratching, and skin irritations. In addition, colostrum will help your dogs gut produce good bacteria, which  can prevent allergens to enter the body and cause allergic reactions. By taking supplements with colostrum like Dr Woow Allergy-Immune itchiness and scratching are a thing of the past.

  1. Support Immune system: thanks to its rich source of antibodies, its especially beneficial for dogs who are prone to allergies and have a weakened immune system. 
  2. Reduces inflammation: colostrum has been found to reduce inflammation throughout the body which reliefs allergy symptoms like itchiness, scratching, and hot spots.
  3. Strengthens the Gut Lining: by doing this dogs who are highly allergic to certain foods will find it beneficial and prevent future allergic reactions from happening. 


Colostrum is a natural powerful ingredient that can offer numerous benefits to dogs allergies. It can benefit your dogs overall health greatly. If you think that your dog needs colostrum in its diet, make sure  to check out Dr Woow Allergy and Immune soft chews. 

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