A healthy diet is crucial for your dog’s general wellbeing. It is essential to make sure that he or she consumes the appropriate amount of nutrients at the appropriate times. To do this, we must feed our four-legged companions premium food that is enriched with all of the vitamins and nutrients they require.

Biotin have many benefits to the human and the dog's body. But since Dogs or humans body can’t manufacturer biotin, adding supplements to their diet is often a great idea. Especially considering that is the most important nutrient on the human body. Here you will find everything you need for your dog's skin and coat to look silky smooth, especially if they have dry skin.

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What is biotin?

Biotin is part of the complex of vitamins B, and is found in food. Biotin is an essential nutrient and present in some foods and dog supplements. Some of the foods that contain biotin are meats, eggs, fish, fungi, seeds, nuts, and some veggies. 

Biotin is best known for promoting good skin & coat, and nourishes nails. Biotin is safe, water soluble vitamin, that its excess can be excreted in the urine. Most dog foods contain biotin, however, they might not contain the amount necessary for your dogs daily ingest. This is where dog supplements like Dr Woow Skin & Coat come into play.

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Benefits Of Biotin For Your Dog

Biotin like any other vitamin in the body provides key benefits for your dogs body. Biotin mainly plays a role in growth, digestion, muscle formation and allowing the body to use glucose as an energy source. In here we touch on a couple of them with more detail:


  • Maintains a healthy skin and coat: As we have mentioned before this is the most known benefit of biotin. With consistent used biotin has shown to heal dry, itchy skin and added a healthy & shinny hair where previous it was dull. 
  • Support Digestion: it allows for a better digestion as it metabolizes proteins and fatty acids.
  • Regulate blood sugar levels: biotin is esseintal to preventing your dog’s sugar to bounce all over the place. Instead it helps stabilized blood sugar in their body.
  • Support their immune system: Many immune cells in your dogs body requiere biotin in order to function and prevent them from getting sick.
  • Dog nails: if your dog experiences brittle, cracked or split nails, biotin is the way to go. Biotin promotes a healthy cell growth while a aiding the metabolism. 

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Causes & Symptoms Of Biotin Deficiency In Dogs

Dog breeds that grow at quick pace than the average dog can become biotin deficient rather quickly. Biotin is an essential part of ensuring that your dog is processing fatty acids and carbohydrates, if not your aging dog might start muscle lost in the aging process. Some of the causes in biotin deficiency are: antibiotics reaction, diet, hereditary disease, metabolic disorder and more. Some of the symptoms of biotin deficiency in dogs include: alopecia (hair loss), diarrhea, dull coat, low energy, reduced appetite, slowed growth rate, and more.

Add This Biotin Rich Foods to Your Pups Diet

Here are some common foods containing biotin that will help your pup. If you are worried about the biotin levels of your pup make sure to contact your veterinarian. Some of the best food to ensure your pup has the right amount of biotin is to give them raw meats such as liver, eggs, sunflower seeds, cooked mushrooms, broccoli, bananas, berries and more. If you would like to continue with the diet and just add a supplement to complement Dr Woow Skin and Coat Omega chews contain Vitamin E, biotin, kelp, wild Alaskan salmon oil, sunflower seeds and more.

Looking for other ways to benefit your pet's immune system and Skin & Coat health? Dr Woow Glamourous Pup Bundle can aid in dull, dry and shed-prone coats and boost your dog's anti-inflammatory response and immune system at the same time. That means a better looking coat and less allergies for them!

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