Good gut health is key for your pup overall health and vitality. But do you know how often you should give your pup prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics?  Or do you know what time of the day is best to give biotics to your pup? Well, just like us humans there is and if you have ever asked that question or just want to know, you’ve come to the right place!

Dog probiotics, prebiotics and postbiotics are important for good dog’s gut health. At Dr Woow we partner with some of the best minds in dog nutrition and veterinary to formulate our soft chews. As there is new research everyday on the benefits of probiotics on dogs we continue to perfect our formula. 

Pre, Pro, or Postbiotics are conform usually the same bacteria as the ones living in your puppies tummy such as Lactobacillus acidophilus, lactobacillus plantarum, amylase. The goal of a biotic is to bring more healthy bacteria to the gut that will allow for a better digestion, better nutrient absorption, help regulate your pups immune system, help with constipation, gasses, acid reflux, allow for a healthy stool and many more health issues!

How often Should I Give My Dog Prebiotics, Probiotics and Postbiotics supplement?  

In order to see significant improvement in your dog’s health consistency is the word. Depending on your pups size you should provide them with serving size daily to ensure they are getting all of the digestive enzymes that they need. Here is the feeding instructions for Dr Woow Digestive Chews:

Per 3 grams Soft Chews

  • 1 Chew - 25lbs & Under
  • 2 Chews - 26lbs - 74lbs
  • 3 Chews - 75lbs - Over
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What time of the day should give my dogs a prebiotic, probiotic or postbiotic supplement?

There are different perspectives when it comes to what time should biotics be taken. Some experts argue that probiotics shall be taken in the morning before breakfast it’s extremely important. Other experts argue that regardless of timing the most important factor when taking pre, pro and postbiotics its consistency. Since there is a lot of debate on the topic we have decided to give you the answer of both arguments here. 

For starers, timing IS important for attaining a desirable gut microbial balance. But consistency is key, something that most of us as dog owners forget every now and then. While probiotics, prebiotics and postbiotics supplements make a difference in your dog’s digestive system and stool quality consistency and when taking the supplements will make bigger difference.

To get where magic happens…we need to get to your doggy’s small and large intestine as this is where most nutrients are absorb. But like any food your pup or you ingest it must go through their stomach first which is full acids that is normal since that is where harmful bacteria is killed. But for probiotics, the level of acidity in your pups stomach are not good news, as some of the beneficial bacteria in the probiotics, prebiotics or postbiotics will be killed in that process as well. In effect, you would waste tons of money and not see the results that you want. 

Based on this many experts argue that the morning is the best time for you to give probiotics, prebiotics and postbiotic to your pup. The reason simple, the level of acid in their stomach are the lowest so there is higher chance that more beneficial microbial will continue towards the intestines. That is why we always recommend to give your pup Dr Woow in the morning so they #BeWoow all day. 

To our question, what is the best time of the day to give your pup prebiotics, probiotics or postbiotic? The morning before breakfast is the best time!

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Meal time! Its prime time!

In order to boost their immune system to the fullest and maintain a healthy level of microbes in their gut. You should add Dr Woow in all of their meals if possible. When you add Dr Woow you allow every meal to include a boost of healthy microbes that will improve your dogs overall health. So if you are asking “what time during the day I should give Dr Woow?” you should treat your dog with a Dr Woow treat supplement every meal! You are giving him a reward for eating and an incredible healthy gut what else can they ask for?

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